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My girlfriend called bullshit on the highlight reel of my childhood. I didn’t believe half this stuff either, but I believed some of it. That is, I wanted the option in my early 20s of believing it some nights, to lie in bed after a lame day as a secretary and revel in my secret specialness that had not yet been recognized by the world. Doubting the myths of your childhood can be more destabilizing than reading you’re a finalist for a prize you didn’t apply for. Our parents are the historians of our lives. We want to think we have a coherent identity that stretches back to birth, and for the first time I stared back and saw what looked an awful lot like nothing.
— Christopher Wall analyzes the destructive effect of praise on children, self-image, and self-esteem in his essay, A Curmudgeon’s Guide to Praise. Continue reading here. (via lareviewofbooks)
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Link 11 Oct 8 notes '...Nearly one third (28%) of all Hispanics surveyed said they used their wireless device for advocacy-related purposes such as signing a petition, sending an e-mail to a lawmaker or making a donation, compared to just 10% of the general population...'»
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Hard work. That is all.

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'Hello' by Joshua Jackson

Sankofa Sound

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Dark Chocolate

By Myles Portland

They say “the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice”

Tonight I want to see if they were telling the truth

I know you see me looking, through the mirror on the desk

Sucking on this ice cube, watching you undress

I want to get lost in your darkness tonight

But leave the lights on so I can see all of you

And me here beneath you, feel the coming of the light

Skin, finger, tongue… whatever you wanna do

I want your dark chocolate, clock’s tickin,’ it’s toxic

Cause time is just a poison, let’s forsake it

Forget your bitter thoughts, your socks, panties, and top

And all those other little toys… And get naked

Imagination may be more important than knowledge

But tonight I want to know… Everything

I don’t want to dream, I wanna wake up to all this

So don’t you hold it in… Let it ring

And like a narrative, I’ll tell a story inside you

In the best way I can… and in truth

In the river, floating far from your fears… I will ride you

To the womb… To the true fountain of youth

Inside you, the purest sin cries true

And in the current is the pulse of a Pisces

The day will come when tears will make your brown eyes blue

And only then will be the day when you and I cease

But I want to get lost in your darkness tonight

But leave the candles on so I can see all of you

And me here beneath you, feel the coming of this light

Skin against your tongue… If that’s what you wanna do

I love your dark chocolate, clock’s tickin… It’s toxic

Cause time is just a poison… Let’s forsake it

Keep off your bitter thoughts, your socks, panties and top

And anything that isn’t you… stay so naked

The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice

And now that I’ve met you, I know it’s truth

Each time I wet you, a fountain of proof

For each time I get you alone on the roof

A treacherous beguiler, her charms are deadly

My erotic, toxic star

So sexy, especially whenever she lets me

Taste her like a chocolate bar


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And now I present to you the story of Sanic The Hedgehog as told by me….

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